Where it began...

University of Toronto Kinesiology graduate, Noureddin Chahrour, worked with several world-class athletes at the Canadian Sports Institute, where he realized that he was one of many people experiencing neck and shoulder pain. Therefore, as any kinesiologist would do, he embraced all areas of science to solve a problem linking cell to society.

After spending a few years researching postural products, Chahrour came to the conclusion that most products do more damage than good to an individual's posture. Generic postural products cause our bodies to become dependent on the product in order to maintain a neutral posture. Thus, these braces actually weaken our muscles, exacerbating the problem. Chahrour's recognition of this issue marks the birth of Adrenalease.

The patented Reflex Kinesio-bands, integrated in our Posture Performance Apparel, provide the user with the option of adjusting the tension as per their comfort. Our core value at Adrenalease is to create ergonomic products tailored to your daily lifestyle. Whether you use it in the office or during exercise, we have the product to make your lifestyle better.