Society has become more sedentary with the advancement of technology. Our lifestyles now involve constantly being on our laptops, cell phones, or driving. Humans sit for an average of 8 to 9 hours per day, significantly affecting postural health. Our Posture Apparel was designed to counteract these effects by fitting seamlessly into daily life.


 Posture memory uses the concept of proprioceptive feedback to help train and utilize your own muscles for natural and optimal alignment of the back. Our patent-pending kinesio-bands, integrated into our Posture Apparel, provide a gentle pull, reminding the wearer to adjust their posture.


Proper alignment ensures the correct use of the muscles and joints in our bodies. Good posture reduces stress on certain muscle groups that are overly active. According to the McKenzie Method, discomfort caused from being in a static position for long durations, such as sitting at work, can be mitigated by moving the body in the opposite direction.

Our mission is to provide world-class products to the public that assist them in leading a more ergonomically safe and healthy lifestyle.

Nominated for Canada's Most Innovative Product

See why Adrenalease is noted as a pioneering innovation in kinesiological science.

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