Easy to Adjust

Adrenalease is the only garment that offers the ability to adjust posture reflex elastic straps, retracting the individual into an upright posture and relieving stress off muscle groups from prolonged positions. Passively stretching areas such as the pectoralis minor muscles that tend to shorten during prolonged protracted sitting posture or during “slouching”.

Your Perfect Fit

What makes us different are our adjustable straps, which gives wearers the customization and personalized fit to their body structure. Providing full control of the tension, you will always feel tailored and know that there will always be a shirt in the closet that’s the right fit for you.

Get Yours Today!
  • Step 1.

    Pull either the right or left shoulder elastic band.

  • Step 2.

    Pull the same side reflex band from the rib cage region.

  • Step 3.

    Connect the straps. Repeat for other side.

  • Step 4

    Adjust bands to your comfort and make sure both sides have the same tension.