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Adrenalease Posture Apparel

Posture Correction Shirt

Posture Correction Shirt

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The ADRENALEASE Posture Correction Shirt was proudly designed at the University of Toronto and nominated as one of Canada’s most innovative products. Our team of kinesiologists/ chiropractors made it their mission to develop and patent the world class ADRENALEASE Posture Apparel to provide long-term posture improvement. This is done by working with your muscles rather than against them to improve your overall posture and muscle memory. It counteracts the bad habit of slouching over by providing a gentle reminder with the use of our Patented Kinesio-Bands to allow the user to adjust their posture throughout the day. Posture Memory uses the concept of proprioceptive feedback to help train and utilize your own muscles for natural and optimal alignment of the back. Proper alignment ensures the correct utilization of the muscles and joints in our bodies. Good posture reduces stress on certain muscle groups that are overly active.

According to the McKenzie Method, discomfort caused from being in a static position for long durations, such as sitting at work, or driving behind a steering wheel can be mitigated by moving the body in the opposite direction (retraction).

Tailored with superior Fine Turkish cotton, our Posture Apparel is comfortable and can be worn under regular clothing seamlessly for everyday use. ADRENALEASE was also featured on Dragons Den and the Dragons loved it, we hope you will too! STAND TALLER & BE CONFIDENT.

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