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Demanding sports such as Powerlifting and Crossfit pose extreme stresses on the body during bouts of peak performance. Injury rates are highest when working near maximal muscular capacity as a result of muscular fatigue and form breakdown. When lifting heavy loads there needs to be support that can be tailored to the lifter. Our apparel provides the adjustable support to keep bodies healthy during these strenuous periods while delivering the competitive edge necessary to bring athletes to the next level.


Rowing requires prolonged periods of sitting while performing repetitive push and pull shoulder movements, leading to back and shoulder pain. Our posture apparel assists with pulling the shoulders back and keeping a neutral posture, reducing any muscle fatigue and discomfort, improving performance.


Runners rely heavily on their aerobic capacity during performance. As running intensity increases, muscle demands are also elevated. This requires a higher supply of oxygen which in turn causes the respiratory muscles to work harder and ultimately fatigue. Our posture wear will assist the diaphragm and other respiratory muscles in holding the inspiratory phase of breathing passively, therefore, increasing lung capacity and benefitting performance.


Gymnasts must consistently prepare their bodies for the rigorous physical demands required from the body. Due to increased complexity when performing various movements, there are high injury risks. With the pull of a strap our posture wear can act as extra tendons assisting the rotator cuff muscles in keeping the shoulder joint in place, therefore preventing injury and adding a layer of reliability.