/Interns at startups do more than fetch coffee

Interns at startups do more than fetch coffee

Noureddin Chahrour, whose background is kinesiology, has had commerce and statistics students, for example, work on developing sales projections for his athletic wear startup Adrenalease.

“Areas where we don’t necessarily have expertise in, they can fill those gaps,” he says. “There’s a million things to do and we may not have the time to do them [ourselves].”

Bassam Abdellatif, a bachelor of commerce student from Jordan who is currently studying finance and in a placement at Adrenalease, says the experience is providing work experience that he’s been unable to get elsewhere.

“It’s very difficult as an international student to get that experience because we can’t work more than 20 hours a week. Employers are less inclined to hire international students,” he says.

“I’ve been put into positions I never would have been put into in lectures. It’s expanding my skill set beyond lectures.”


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